Real Log Cabin
Trailer on Wheels
Pre-assembled and turnkey log Cabin Trailer on Wheels

Real Log Cabin
Trailer on Wheels

Pre-assembled and turnkey log cabin trailers on wheels

Cabin Trailers on Wheels for Campgrounds, Airbnbs, Hunting Camps, Getaway Cabins, and more!

Cabin Trailers on Wheels for Campgrounds, Airbnbs, Hunting Camps, Getaway Cabins, and more!

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100% Solid Log Timber
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A True Rustic Appeal
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50+ Year Durability
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Are you looking for a better way to enjoy the outdoors and escape life's noise and busyness?

Do you want a rustic log cabin trailer on wheels that preserves the natural appeal of the outdoors?

Enjoy a place of rest and retreat with a rustic cabin trailer made with real solid log construction!

Own a Cabin Trailer on Wheels that Stands Out!

Real Log Construction

All our cabin trailers on wheels are made from real log timber - the siding, walls, ceiling, doors, beams, floors, and even cabinets!

True Rustic Appeal

Enjoy a log cabin trailer that fits any aesthetic for a campground, Airbnb, Tiny Home, Hunting Camp, and more!

Long-Term Value

Log Timber cabin trailer on wheels hold a high resale value and historically last 50+ years with minimal maintenance.

No Permits Or Property Taxes

Classed as Park Model RVs, permits & property taxes typically don’t apply! (please check your local municipality regulations for final details)

"Call them to schedule a tour of their facility, as you will be amazed by the true craftsmanship that goes into each and every cabin. When you receive your cabin, it is ready to hook up to your utilities, and then you can start enjoying it. Everything you see in the pictures, aside from decor, can be ordered to arrive with your cabin. We've built our own cabins in the past, but we can't do it in the timeframe they can. Do yourself a favor and check them out. You'll be glad you did!"

Kathleen Alexander

What's Possible with Your Dream Cabin Trailer on Wheels?

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We focus on relationships, responsive communication, and doing what’s best for every customer.

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We invite you to visit our shop and see first-hand the quality parts and construction methods we use.



We use solid log timbers like a real log home, which last 50+ years even with standard campground usage.



Our log cabin trailers arrive pre-assembled and ready to hook up to electric, water, and sewer.



We offer 1-year warranty on all construction and parts, along with manufacturer’s warranty on appliances & HVAC systems.



When you work with us, you work directly with the manufacturer. No dealers, middle-man, or added margins.

"We love our cabin! Every detail from the initial planning/selection process to delivery went very well. The quality of construction is excellent at an affordable price. Highly recommend!"

- Jesse Hersh

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Log Cabin Trailer on Wheels

For Sale In the U.S.

Are you searching for budget-friendly housing options? Interested in downsizing and living tiny? Need a starter home to call your own?

If any of these questions resonate with you, a trailer cabin on wheels might be the ideal solution!

Also known as cabin trailers or park model homes, trailer cabins on wheels are prefabricated, portable homes built on trailers. They are more spacious than the average tiny home while being smaller than traditional trailer homes. To comply with regulations, these cabins typically don't exceed 400 square feet, excluding lofts or porches

But before we go further, let's address a common misconception.

When you hear "trailer cabin on wheels," you might visualize cheap and flimsy structures found in trailer parks. You're not alone in this assumption.

However, rest assured that the trailer cabins crafted by Lancaster Log Cabins break away from that stereotype entirely!

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and constructed with top-quality materials, our trailer cabins are both durable and visually appealing. They offer a blend of sturdiness and beauty that defies the typical prefabricated home perception.

Let’s take a closer look at what sets them apart from other prefab structures. 

  • Turn-key construction

All of LLC's cabins are turn-key projects. With just a simple water and sewer hookup (like you’d use for an RV or mobile home), these charming cabin trailers on wheels are ready for immediate occupancy! The price of the home includes kitchen appliances and beautifully handcrafted furniture, such as tables, stools, beds, and a futon. However, if you prefer a more personalized touch, no worries. Some furniture pieces are optional.

  • 100% solid log timber 

LLC's cabin trailers on wheels are constructed using exclusively 100% solid Eastern White Pine. Our cabins demand minimal maintenance and boast a remarkable lifespan of 50+ years, setting them apart from numerous other prefab cabins.

  • Rustic aesthetics 

With its solid log construction, the cabin exudes a warm and inviting rustic charm inside and out. This unique aesthetic adds a touch of coziness and enhances the overall beauty of any property it graces!

  • Durable 

As the trailer cabin stereotype suggests, many prefab cabins trailers lack the quality to last and tend to lose value rapidly. However, LLC's park model homes defy this trend. Built with solid wood and thoughtfully designed for efficiency, these homes retain their value over time and do not depreciate like other mobile homes. 

  • No permits or property taxes

Our trailer cabins fall under the category of RVs, which typically exempts them from permits and property taxes. However, double-check with your local municipality, as regulations and requirements may vary depending on the area.

  • Great for winter use

LLC's trailer cabins stand apart from cheaply made alternatives in retaining heat well, thanks to their natural wood construction. Plus, all water lines are on the inside of the trailer. This ensures peace of mind during winter, eliminating concerns about frozen water lines as long as the cabin is adequately heated. 

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to purchase your cabin trailer on wheels! We hope to hear from you soon!