About Lancaster Log Cabins

Lancaster Log Cabins has been in the log cabin industry since 1990! We pride ourselves in providing quality log cabins with great service at a fair price. We are a family owned business with Amish roots that believes in working hard and doing the right thing 100% of the time. We strive to make long lasting relationships with our customers and provide a product that is guaranteed to please.

Here are just a few advantages of a Lancaster Log Cabin:

• We use real logs! No fake log siding.
• More rustic and appealing than other cabins.
• More durable and longer lasting. Our cabins will last a lifetime!
• Less maintenance.
• Practical designs.
• Top notch quality and customer service.
• Best of all, our real log cabins are affordable.

Lancaster Log Cabins at Ponderosa Campground
Interior Bedroom Log Cabin
Lancaster Log Cabins at Copake KOA