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Cabin Sheds for Campgrounds, Airbnbs, Getaway Cabins, Hunting Camps, and more!

Commercial Pricing: Campgrounds & Cabin Rental Companies

Retail Pricing: Personal Use & Small Rental Practices

Multiple unit discounts are available - Prices include everything shown in the layouts

A-Frame Glamping Pod

Commercial: $19,900 | Retail: $22,900
- 11x14 Pod with 4’ Porch
- 150 Square feet
- Bathroom option available

One Roomer Cabin

Commercial: $27,900 | Retail: $30,900
- 13x15 Cabin with 6’ Porch
- 195 Square feet
- Bathroom option available

A-Frame Glamping Pod

- Commercial: $19,900
- Retail: $22,900
- 11x14 pod w/ 4’ Porch
- Bathroom option available

One Roomer Cabin

- Commercial: $27,900
- Retail: $30,900
- 13x15 cabin w/ 6’ Porch
- Bathroom option available

Benefits of a Real Log Cabin Shed

Our cabin sheds are all real rustic log structures on skids! They are preassembled on skids at our manufacturing facility and are 100% turn-key. Since they are on skids like a standard shed, they are movable and will normally avoid permitting issues. Our Glamping Pods and One Roomer Cabins are perfect for rental units for parks and campgrounds or even a small getaway or guesthouse in your backyard. Here are just a few benefits of going with a cabin shed from Lancaster Log Cabins:

Cost-Effective Alternative

If you’d like an upgrade from a tent site or shed without purchasing a Park Model Cabin, then our Pods and One Roomer Cabins are the perfect in-between.

Easy Setup

With a smaller footprint, being built on skids, and no sewer hookups (unless you get the bathroom option), they can go almost anywhere and be ready to go right away.

Save On Shipping

With a more compact design on skids, you can ship multiple units on one load with a regular shed hauler.

Rustic Glamping Appeal

Enhance the look and feel of your park or rental space and give your guests a unique glamping experience.


They come preassembled on skids and include everything needed to stay in or rent out right away.


Since we build them with real log timbers and high-quality materials, they will last 50+ years with little maintenance and a high resale value.

A-Frame Glamping Pod

Commercial $19,900 | Retail $22,900

  • 11x14 Pod with 4' Porch (150 SF)

  • Prices Include Everything Shown in Layouts

⮞ Click here to watch our A-Frame Glamping Pod video. ⮜

One Roomer Cabin

Commercial $27,900 | Retail $30,900

  • 13x15 Cabin with 6' Porch (200 SF)

  • Prices Include Everything Shown in Layouts

⮞ Click here to watch our One Roomer Cabin video. ⮜

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Cabin Sheds

For Sale In the U.S.

Congratulations on your beautiful vacation property in the mountains!

Whether it's for personal use, community use, or a rental, you deserve to be proud of owning land that's perfect for a small camp or cabin.

And you also deserve the best when it comes to putting a cabin shed on your land!

No matter what you are looking for in terms of revenue, relaxation, hosting, or enjoying the outdoors, Lancaster Log Cabins has the park model cabins and cabin sheds that are perfect for your outdoor area and goals.


Our cabin sheds are preassembled and portable. Being built on skids, they are easily delivered, transported, moved and more. And since they have a standard shed design, permitting and site prep is also minimal (please talk to your AHJ to ensure permitting expectations are met).

So why purchase your cabin shed from Lancaster Log Cabins?

We are glad you asked!

  • The Construction

All of Lancaster Log Cabin’s builds are turn-key projects. All you need to do is hook up water and sewer, and your cabin is ready to go! If you’re worried about the cost or inconvenience of furnishing your camping cabin, never fear.

Our cabins don’t require a lot of site preparation. All that is needed is a concrete or stone pad and electricity and water/sewer hookups. 

  • The Materials 

Our structures are built with 100% solid log timber. That's right - these cabin sheds are designed and built to last 50+ years while needing little maintenance. Additionally, because these camping cabins are built with solid wood and designed efficiently, they don’t depreciate like other prefab cabins.

  • The Space and Aesthetic 

Designed with Eastern White Pine, our sheds possess a beautiful, rustic aesthetic inside and out. Not only does this create a warm, cozy interior for you to enjoy, but it also adds to the overall visual appeal of your property.

  • The Maintenance  

As we mentioned earlier, our sheds on skids don’t require a lot of maintenance, even in the winter. With minimal hookups and quality wood walls (which provide natural insulation), the maintenance and annual upkeep is kept to a minimum.

We care about producing structures that provide true spaces for rest, retreat, and inspiration. If you have any questions about our camping cabins or are ready to begin the process of purchasing your own, give us a call

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Here's what others are saying about our camping cabins:

  • Steve:

"The cabin is extremely well built and sturdy, with great quality control and all the features we expected with a few additions. the lofted ceilings make it roomier than expected. All systems are working as expected and the HVAC units are quiet and comfortable. The beds are comfortable and the furniture is well built and complements the rustic style.

The company and their team clearly take pride in their work with strong values. We have turned our long time campsite into a vacation home with this wonderful cabin. A follow up from the sales manager after a few days was welcome and he was able to answer my one question immediately. I highly recommend this company after doing extensive research into park model homes. Their offerings are built to last, have a great rustic look and are a solid value."

  • Patti:

"Love our log cabin. We had it delivered to South Florida and everything went perfect! The quality and workmanship is over the top. We will be buying another one. Still not settled in but getting there. Jordan the manager is the best! He answers all my questions. Once we are totally set up with some furniture, porch and carport addition I will repost my final pictures. So happy we found this log cabin. The factory was amazing to watch to see how they were being made. Great experience all together."

  • Tamara:

"We LOVE Lancaster Log cabins.... and so appreciate the staff who have helped us immensely through our journey to becoming owners of a beautiful cabin/RV. They have been very accessible and helpful and the product itself is outstanding. You can tell the whole company really cares about their clients and about providing a top notch product. Thank you all!"