What Is A
Park Model Cabin?

A park model cabin is a preassembled, portable cabin on wheels that is 400 square feet or less and is technically classified as a Park Model RV (Oversized RV). They are also known as Park Model Homes, Recreational Park Trailers or Tiny Homes.

They are typically a little larger than most tiny homes but smaller than a mobile home or modular. The cabin is mounted on a trailer frame and is movable but they are more so made to be parked somewhere long term.

The set-up is similar to a mobile home so there is no need for a permanent foundation other than a stone or concrete pad or piers to block and level the unit up off the wheels slightly.

The cabin must be 400 square feet or less of living space so the square foot limit doesn’t include the porch or loft area. It also must be able to be transported as a single wide so they are typically anywhere from 11’-15’ wide, 30’-44’ long, 13’-14’ high and are all oversize loads.

Since each one has a VIN and is technically classified as Park Model RV, in most cases you don’t need permits and aren’t required to pay property taxes on the cabin itself. As a Park Model RV, the RV Industry Association (RVIA) inspects each unit to make sure they meet the ANSI A119.5 Standards for Recreational Park Trailers.

A Park Model Cabin is more so intended for recreational use and not so much as a permanent residence even though a Lancaster Log Park Model Cabin will hold up great year round even in extremely cold climates.

Ideal uses for Park Model Cabins are for campgrounds, cabin rentals, airbnbs, tiny homes, hunting camps, getaway cabins, in-law quarters, offices and guest houses just to name a few.

Key Points for a Park Model Cabin

  • Preassembled, portable cabin on a fixed trailer frame

  • 400 square feet or less (porches and lofts not included)

  • Oversize load (can’t haul yourself)

  • RVIA Certified as a Park Model RV with VIN

  • Similar set-up and hook-ups to a single wide mobile home

  • Movable but more so made to stay put

  • Mainly for recreational use but can be used year round

Benefits of a Park Model Cabin

  • No permits or property taxes in most cases (check with TWP)

  • Easier to finance because you can get an RV loan

  • Quick return on investment for rentals

  • No foundation required other than stone or concrete pad

  • Can resell or move later if needed

  • Quick and easy set up since they are preassembled and turn-key

  • Simpler way to live and downsize

Benefits of a Lancaster Log Cabins Park Model Cabin & Using Real Logs

Log construction notch
  • All real logs and quality materials

  • More durable and less maintenance (Lasts 50 + Years)

  • Rustic appeal and charm

  • Better long term value (hold their value and won’t depreciate as much)

  • Durable

  • Last a lifetime

  • Kiln-dried (very little shrinkage)

  • Stays weathertight

  • Appealing

  • Rustic feel

  • Little maintenance

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