How Do We
Build Our Cabins?

From Logs To Cabins In 10 Days!

At Lancaster Log Cabins, we don't just sell cabins, we produce every one of them in our shop! As a result, we are often asked about the construction process and how we go from real logs to a log cabin.

To learn more about our process, please watch the video below, or read through the various steps. And to get a true hands-on experience, we invite you to stop by and get a tour and walk through our shop!

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Cabin Kit Preparation

  • We start with rough pine timbers that are kiln-dried

  • Our moulder rounds and smooths the edges

  • A tongue and groove is cut the length of each log

  • Our log machine cuts logs to length, drills for wiring, and notches the corners

  • Prepared logs are placed into bundles and grouped into kits

Day 1 - Floor Joists

  • We begin day one by attaching floor joists to trailer frames

  • We begin the rough plumbing

  • We start rough electrical work

Day 2 - Flooring

  • We start by adding 2x6 tongue and groove floor boards

  • Add the first row of logs

  • Attach any deck boards

  • Add styrofoam insulation under the floors

Day 3 - Log Assembly

  • We bring the building kits to the shop floor

  • The crew stacks the prepared logs into place like Lincoln Logs

  • Foam weather stripping is added to insulate against wind & rain

  • All wires are run through the walls as they are built

  • 8" log screws are added every few feet for extra strength

  • The crew installs solid wood roof decking

Day 4 - Trimming

  • Detailed & interior work begin

  • Install porch railings

  • Hang interior doors

  • Install pre-cut trim for the windows & roof

Day 5 - Sanding

  • We prep the cabins for a fine finish

  • We sand every surface - inside and out

  • All corners are caulked

  • We thoroughly clean the cabin to remove any dust

Day 6 - Stain & Poly

  • The cabin is moved to the finishing booth

  • Apply several coats of high-grade polyurethane to the inside

  • To preserve the exterior, we apply a heavy coat of high-grain stain

  • The result makes the wood grain shine!

Day 7 - Kitchen, Bath, & Electric

  • We install the kitchen, including rustic hickory cabinets

  • The bathroom is completed, including top-brand plumbing fixtures

  • All electrical work is completed

  • Light fixtures are added

Day 8 - Final Finish

  • Move in the furniture

  • Install appliances

  • Install the HVAC system

  • Hang the front door

  • We complete a careful and complete inspection

Day 9 - Roofing & Cleaning

  • Install metal roof, which includes a 40-year paint warranty

  • Install aluminum, double-pane, insulated windows

  • The cabin is professionally cleaned

The Cabin Is Ready For Shipping!

  • The cabin is ready to be shipped to the new owners and be installed

  • All the cabin needs is utility hookups; everything else is turnkey

  • Enjoy nature and build memories in new ways!