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Real Log Glamping Pods for Campgrounds, Airbnbs, and more!

Wholesale Pricing: Campgrounds & Cabin Rental Companies

Retail Pricing: Personal Use & Small Rental Practices

Multiple unit discounts are available - Prices include everything shown in the layouts

A-Frame Glamping Pod

Wholesale $19,900 | Retail $22,900

  • 11x14 Pod with 4' Porch (150 SF)

  • Prices Include Everything Shown in Layouts

Benefits of a Real Log Glamping Pod

Our pods are all real rustic log structures on skids! They are preassembled on skids at our manufacturing facility and 100% turn-key, allowing them to be easily shipped, moved, and normally avoiding permitting issues. Our pods are perfect for rental units, parks, campgrounds, or as a simple getaway or guesthouse in your backyard. Here are just a few benefits of buying your glamping pod from Lancaster Log Cabins:

Cost-Effective Alternative

If you’d like an upgrade from a tent site or shed without purchasing a Park Model Cabin, then a glamping pod can be the perfect fit.

Easy Setup

With a smaller footprint, being built on skids, and no sewer hookups (unless you get the bathroom option), pods can go almost anywhere and be ready to go right away.

Save On Shipping

With a more compact design on skids, you can ship multiple units on one load with a regular shed hauler.

Rustic Glamping Appeal

Enhance the look and feel of your park or rental space and give your guests a unique glamping experience.


They come preassembled on skids and include everything needed to stay in or rent out right away.


Since we build them with real log timbers and high-quality materials, they will last 50+ years with little maintenance and a high resale value.

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Glamping Pods

For Sale In the U.S.

Congratulations on your beautiful vacation property! No matter where it is located, we are sure you are excited to start using it.

It also doesn't matter if it is for personal use, rental purposes, a campground, camp, or other use - you need a quality cabin or glamping pod that fits the rustic appeal you are looking for, and you deserve the best when it comes a real log structure!

No matter what you are looking for in terms of revenue, relaxation, hosting, or enjoying the outdoors, Lancaster Log Cabins has the park model cabins and glamping pods that are perfect for your outdoor area and goals. Contact us or visit us today to begin the process of getting yours.


Here's what others are saying about working with our team:

  • Kim:

"The entire team at Lancaster Log Cabins have been outstanding. When we have had a question they respond within an extremely reasonable timeframe. We placed our request and were anticipating our cabin next fall. However circumstances arises that we were able to take delivery December 26! How fantastic and wonderful for us! The crew that delivered our trailer were exceptionally skilled! The gate opening was 16 feet and the trailer was 15’9”. He drove through there like he was on a Sunday drive. We highly recommend taking the time to go and check out Lancaster Log Cabins! Overwhelming happy!"

  • Mike:

"We've purchased more than a dozen cabins from Lancaster and we are always pleased with the quality of the units and the service from the team at Lancaster. When we first looked at these cabins we wondered about the heating & cooling efficiency since the "R" value of the solid log construction is theoretically lower than conventional stick built units with insulation. What we've actually observed is once the units are brought to the desired temperature, they are extremely efficient due to the thermal mass of the logs. We compared the energy usage to traditional stick-built park models and have found the cabins to be significantly more efficient."

  • Leena:

"Lancaster Cabins is a dream to work with. Everyone is so knowledgeable and works hard to get back to you ASAP. Not to mention their products are unmatched. If your looking for a gorgeous, show stopping log home this is your place. ASTOUNDING woodwork. We’ve lived in our house for about two years now and we never get tired of looking at it. Thank you Lancaster cabins for making our log home dreams come true."