Real Log
Prefab Cabins
Pre-assembled and turnkey prefab cabins on wheels

Real Log
Prefab Cabins

Pre-assembled and turnkey prefab cabins on wheels

Prefab cabins for Campgrounds, Airbnbs, Tiny Homes, Hunting Camps, Getaway Cabins, and more!

Prefab cabins for Campgrounds, Airbnbs, Tiny Homes, Hunting Camps, Getaway Cabins, and more!

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100% Solid Log Timber
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A True Rustic Appeal
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50+ Year Durability
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Are you looking for a better way to enjoy the outdoors and escape life's noise and busyness?

Do you want a rustic prefab cabin that preserves the natural appeal of the outdoors?

Enjoy a place of rest and retreat with a prefab cabin made with real solid log construction!

Own a Prefab Cabin that Stands Out!

Real Log Construction

All our cabins are made from real log timber - the siding, walls, ceiling, doors, beams, floors, and even cabinets!

True Rustic Appeal

Enjoy a prefab cabin that fits any aesthetic for a campground, Airbnb, Tiny Home, Hunting Camp, and more!

Long-Term Value

Log prefab cabins hold a high resale value and historically last 50+ years with minimal maintenance.

No Permits Or Property Taxes

Classed as Park Model RVs, permits & property taxes typically don’t apply! (please check your local municipality regulations for final details)

"Build your dream cabin or create a rental business! We've purchased two cabins from Lancaster Log Cabins within the last two years. Working with them to create our customized cabins was so easy. The staff was personable and so helpful when planning and buying our cabins. They answered every question we had within 24 hours making the process so enjoyable. "

Kathleen Alexander

What's Possible with Your Dream Log Prefab Cabin?

Why Buy

A Lancaster Log Cabin?



We focus on relationships, responsive communication, and doing what’s best for every customer.

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We invite you to visit our shop and see first-hand the quality parts and construction methods we use.



We use solid log timbers like a real log home, which last 50+ years even with standard campground usage.



Our prefab cabins arrive pre-assembled and ready to hook up to electricity, water, and sewer.



We offer 1-year warranty on all construction and parts, along with manufacturer’s warranty on appliances & HVAC systems.



When you work with us, you work directly with the manufacturer. No dealers, middle-man, or added margins.

"What can I say? Their internet pictures of the park model log home are nice...but in person much nicer. The quality is unbelievable. After our trip to Gap Pa, we are buying our new home.

-Miles Harrigan

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Prefab Cabins

For Sale In the U.S.

There’s a dilemma we often face in life: most humans want things that are high-quality and last a long time, but also don’t want to spend too much time, money, and energy on them. Unfortunately, it seems like achieving this is usually difficult. 

But if you are looking for a small prefab house that comes ready to live in AND is high quality, you’ve come to the right place.

At Lancaster Log Cabins our goal is to make homes that are already built (meaning no work for you) with custom, top-of-the-line, quality. 

Here’s the secret to how we do it!

Do you want to know the secret to building a prefab home that is also high-quality? 

It’s as simple as this: Real Log Construction (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) 

Our prefab homes are made from solid timber. That in itself sets them apart from many prefab homes that are made from flimsy, lightweight materials. 

What exactly are the perks of having a solid wood prefab home? 

First, of course is durability and longevity. Solid wood, such as oak, cedar, or pine, is a robust and sturdy material that can withstand various weather conditions and wear and tear. Solid wood cabins are built to last for generations, making them an excellent long-term investment.

Second is the natural beauty of solid wood. The grains, textures, and colors of different wood species create a warm and inviting atmosphere that blends harmoniously with natural surroundings. The richness and authenticity of solid wood add a touch of elegance and rustic charm to any prefab home, creating a cozy and comforting living environment.

And finally is the insulation and energy-efficiency of solid wood. Wood acts as a natural insulator, providing thermal resistance to retain heat during colder months and keeping the cabin cool during hot summers. Additionally, wood is a renewable and sustainable material, contributing to eco-friendly construction practices.

So if you want a prefab home that takes very little work from you, arrives literally ready to live in, and lasts for 50+ years, your search can now come to an end. 

Lancaster Log Cabins is here to help you. 

And before we finish, let’s add one final cherry on the top of this whole equation. 

We don’t just build high quality prefab houses. We also make it our mission to ensure we are an absolute delight to work with throughout the whole process. Here are just a few benefits you will receive from working with us: 

  • Communication: Our primary emphasis lies in building strong connections with our customers, ensuring effective communication and prioritizing their best interests based on their specific circumstances.
  • Warranty: We provide a one-year warranty for all construction and components, assuring our customers of the quality and reliability of our products and services.
  • Turn-key Construction: With turn-key construction, all you need to do is connect the electricity, water, and sewer systems, and your prefab home will be fully prepared for you to move in and start enjoying it!
  • Manufacturer Interaction: You'll have direct involvement with us, the manufacturer, eliminating intermediaries and the additional expenses associated with them. This direct approach streamlines the process and ensures efficient communication and cost savings.

If you have more questions or are ready to purchase your own prefab home, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!