Real Log Park
Model Homes
Pre-assembled and turnkey park model homes on wheels

Real Log Park
Model Homes

Pre-assembled and turnkey park model homes on wheels

Beautiful park model homes for sale in New Mexico

Beautiful park model homes for sale in New Mexico

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100% Solid Log Timber
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A True Rustic Appeal
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50+ Year Durability
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Park Model Homes Available In New Mexico

Sierra Home

- 12x34 cabin with 10’ Porch
- 400 Square feet
- Loft included

Lakeview Home

- 12x34 cabin with 10’ Porch
- 400 Square feet
- No loft options

Adirondack Home

- 15x27 cabin with 10’ Porch
- 400 Square feet
- Loft option available

Rancher Home

- 13x31 cabin
- 400 Square feet
- Loft option available

Ozark Home

- 13x25 cabin with 8’ Porch
- 325 Square feet
- Loft option available

Shenandoah Home

- 13x22 cabin with 8’ Porch
- 286 Square feet
- No loft options

Sierra Home

- 12x34 cabin w/ 10’ Porch
-400 Square Feet
- Loft included

Lakeview Home

- 12x34 cabin w/ 10’ Porch
- 400 Square Feet
- No loft options

Adirondack Home

- 15x27 cabin w/ 10’ Porch
-400 Square Feet
- Loft optional

Rancher Home

- 13x31 cabin
-400 Square Feet
- Loft optional

Ozark Home

- 13x25 cabin w/ 8’ Porch
- 325 Square Feet
- Loft optional

Shenandoah Home

- 13x22 cabin w/ 8’ Porch
- 286 Square Feet
- No loft options

Have a Park Model Home that Stands Out in NM!

Real Log Construction

All our homes are made from real log timber - the siding, walls, ceiling, doors, beams, floors, and even cabinets!

True Rustic Appeal

Enjoy a park model log home that fits any aesthetic for a campground, Airbnb, Tiny Home, Hunting Camp, and more!

Long-Term Value

Log Timber model homes hold a high resale value and historically last 50+ years with minimal maintenance.

No Permits Or Property Taxes

Classed as Park Model RVs, permits & property taxes typically don’t apply! (please check your local municipality regulations for final details)

Leena R.

Lancaster Cabins is a dream to work with. Everyone is so knowledgeable and works hard to get back to you ASAP. Not to mention their products are unmatched. If your looking for a gorgeous, show stopping log home this is your place. ASTOUNDING woodwork. We’ve lived in our house for about two years now and we never get tired of looking at it. Thank you Lancaster cabins for making our log home dreams come true.

William C.

Why Lancaster Log Cabins? Sales staff was available to return our texts or emails in a timely manner answering our many questions. Technical detailed questions were answered in accurate detail. Note: We did two on-sites visits to the factory, the original location and the current state-of-the-art facility. Henry Ford would be proud of the building process.

Marie L.

We love our cabin!! We ordered three, one for our personal use and two to rent out. They have been absolutely perfect.

What's Possible with Your Dream Park Model Home?

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We focus on relationships, responsive communication, and doing what’s best for every customer.

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We invite you to visit our shop and see first-hand the quality parts and construction methods we use.



We use solid log timbers like a real log home, which last 50+ years even with standard campground usage.



Our log homes arrive pre-assembled and ready to hook up to electric, water, and sewer.



We offer 1-year warranty on all construction and parts, along with manufacturer’s warranty on appliances & HVAC systems.



When you work with us, you work directly with the manufacturer. No dealers, middle-man, or added margins.

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Questions on our Park Model Homes? Get your answers here!

A park model home is a prefabricated cabin or home built on wheels. They are designed for recreational use, offering the comforts of a small home with the flexibility of moving it to different locations.

Our cabin homes are built with year-round use in mind. However, zoning regulations in most townships classify them as suitable for recreational use or short-term rentals. It's important to check with your local authorities to see if full-time living is permitted.

The cost of moving a park model home depends on the distance. On average, it's around $9 per mile. For example, moving a home 200 miles from Lancaster Log Cabins would cost approximately $1,800.

With proper care and maintenance, a real log park model home can last for over 50 years.

Unlike traditional prefab or mobile homes, Lancaster Log Cabins uses real logs in construction. This gives our park model homes the same quality and durability as a true log cabin, just in a smaller size and on wheels.

A turnkey park model home is move-in ready and includes all the essentials:

  • Kitchen with appliances
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Most furniture

While layout modifications aren't common, we offer a wide variety of options and upgrades for personalization, such as:

  • Different cabinet colors
  • Flooring choices
  • Additional appliances

Lead time can vary depending on demand, but it typically takes anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

We use a specialized mobile home hauler (smaller than a semi-truck) for delivery. They will deliver and position the home on your prepared and accessible site, so ensure the delivery path and location can accommodate this vehicle.

Park Model Homes For Sale In New Mexico

Are you looking for tiny homes or alternative living options? Are you looking for premium housing or lodging for campground, camp, or AirBnb?

We manufacture and ship portable park model homes, made with real log timbers, throughout the state of New Mexico.

No matter your purpose, contact us today to get your quote and see what's possible when you purchase your park model home from Lancaster Log Cabins!

Experience the enchantment of New Mexico with Lancaster Log Cabins, where we seamlessly blend rustic living with the captivating landscapes of the Land of Enchantment. Our pre-assembled and turnkey log cabins are designed to harmonize with New Mexico's diverse terrains, offering homeowners a tranquil retreat surrounded by the state's unique beauty.

New Mexico, with its vibrant cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes, invites exploration beyond the ordinary. The state's allure lies in its rich history, artistic heritage, and the vastness of its deserts. Lancaster Log Cabins welcomes you to discover the enchanting spirit of New Mexico.

The top attractions in New Mexico include:

  • Santa Fe Plaza - Immerse yourself in the historic heart of Santa Fe, surrounded by adobe architecture, art galleries, and cultural events.
  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park - Explore the stunning underground caves and caverns, a mesmerizing natural wonder.
  • Taos Pueblo - Discover the ancient Pueblo village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience the rich Native American culture.
  • White Sands National Park - Marvel at the otherworldly landscape of white gypsum sand dunes against a brilliant blue sky.
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Experience the world's largest hot air balloon festival, a dazzling display of color and creativity.
  • Bandelier National Monument - Explore the ancient cliff dwellings and petroglyphs in this archaeological marvel.
  • Georgia O'Keeffe Museum - Celebrate the iconic artist's work in Santa Fe, where the museum showcases a vast collection of her masterpieces.
  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park - Visit the ancient ruins and astronomical observatories of the ancestral Pueblo people.
  • Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center - Delve into the mysteries of extraterrestrial encounters in this unique museum.
  • Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument - Hike through the wilderness to discover ancient Mogollon cliff dwellings in a pristine setting.

New Mexico's history is deeply rooted in Native American, Spanish, and Mexican influences, creating a unique blend of cultures. The state's vibrant arts scene, diverse population, and rich heritage contribute to its distinct character.

The economy of New Mexico is shaped by industries such as oil and gas, tourism, and federal government activities. The state's diverse landscapes attract visitors seeking cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and artistic inspiration. Santa Fe, in particular, serves as a hub for the arts and is known for its vibrant art galleries and festivals.

If the magic of New Mexico has captured your imagination, Lancaster Log Cabins invites you to make the Land of Enchantment your home. Our rustic log cabins offer the perfect fusion of comfort and natural beauty, creating a serene sanctuary in the heart of New Mexico.

Embark on a journey to harmonize with the enchanting spirit of New Mexico by contacting Lancaster Log Cabins today. Let us help you turn your dream of a rustic park model cabin into a reality, bringing the magic of New Mexico right to your doorstep.

We proudly serve all counties and zip codes in New Mexico:

Counties: Bernalillo, Catron, Chaves, Cibola, Colfax, Curry, De Baca, Doña Ana, Eddy, Grant, Guadalupe, Harding, Hidalgo, Lea, Lincoln, Los Alamos, Luna, McKinley, Mora, Otero, Quay, Rio Arriba, Roosevelt, San Juan, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Sierra, Socorro, Taos, Torrance, Union, Valencia.

Zip Codes: 87001, 87002, 87004, 87005, 87006, 87007, 87008, 87010, 87011, 87012, 87013, 87014, 87015, 87016, 87017, 87018, 87020, 87021, 87022, 87023, 87024, 87025, 87026, 87027, 87028, 87029, 87031, 87032, 87034, 87035, 87036, 87037, 87038, 87040, 87041, 87042, 87043, 87044, 87045, 87046, 87047, 87048, 87049, 87051, 87052, 87053, 87056, 87059, 87060, 87061, 87062, 87063, 87064, 87068, 87070, 87072, 87083, 87101, 87102, 87103, 87104, 87105, 87106, 87107, 87108, 87109, 87110, 87111, 87112, 87113, 87114, 87115, 87116, 87117, 87118, 87119, 87120, 87121, 87122, 87123, 87124, 87125, 87131, 87144, 87151, 87153, 87154, 87158, 87165, 87174, 87176, 87181, 87184, 87185, 87187, 87190, 87191, 87192, 87193, 87194, 87195, 87196, 87197, 87198, 87199

We sell and ship our home throughout the contiguous United States and parts of Canada. To learn more about a specific state we serve, please click the link below.

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